Hunterhorn Centre of Therapeutic Massage

When you have a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), you will need to see a primary care giver to be assessed. A primary care giver is either a physician, chiropractor or physiotherapist. One of these primary care givers will assess your injury and provide you with a diagnosis of Wad I, Wad II, Wad III or Wad IV. This level of diagnosis will indicate how many treatments of therapy you can receive. You are entitled to choose your own treatment therapies, such as Chiropractor, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Wound Healing, Physiotherapy etc. You will notify your insurance company of the therapies you have chosen and where you will go to receive those treatments. You will need to provide your claim number, name of your case worker and phone number to the therapist so that they can call and confirm the process of direct billing procedures. You will not be required to pay for your therapy as long as you remain in the alloted number of visits given to you by your primary care giver. If you exceed this alloted number of treatments you will be required to pay for additional therapies on your own.

This process allows you the freedom to access care following your accident immediately to promote and enhance quick recovery from your injures.